Youtube and Parody

“While all humor builds on whether an audience “gets” the joke or shares a sensibility, parody combines that aspect of humor with a specific shared reference. This is precisely what makes parody valuable – it can express shared experience and, especially when it plays on nostalgic references, a shared history.”

(Jenkins, Ford, and Green)

Youtube has become a prime source for parody. My favorite videos I enjoy watching are reviews on video games. A big reason for this is because I enjoy listening to other peoples opinions and or advice. Angry Joe is hands down my favorite Youtuber. Not only does he do the above, but he does it in a way that keeps the viewers engaged.


I first discovered Angry Joe when he did a video surrounding the Mass Effect 3 ending controversy. The opening moments embodied what I, and many other fans were feeling that the time. It was a criticism that not many other “professional” critics talked about in their reviews. That’s what makes Joe stand out from other critics, his blunt honesty. He has no problem throwing down the gauntlet if something is shitty, whether it’s a hyped game or a popular developer. He incorporates these issues within his videos by parodying them as characters. One in particular, Corporate Commander, embodies all the shady business practices from certain companies.

Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at 1.16.42 PM

Despite his name though, Joe is a very funny and laid back guy.

As someone who hopes to create videos of my own in the near future, Angry Joe is a huge inspiration.




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