Welcome To The Site!

Hey everyone, and welcome to Screens and Controllers. This site is dedicated to reviewing and talking about video games, TV shows, and movies. As a fan of podcasts, I’d love to add some of my own down the line as well. Having fun is my primary intention for this site. These reviews are only my opinion and I encourage discussions in the comments.

I’ve been a big fan of video games since I was a kid. It amazes me how far games have evolved over the past decade in terms of visuals, gameplay, and my favorite aspect, storytelling. The writing in some games even rival that of their movie and TV counterparts. There have been moments where I’ve laughed out loud and others that have left me in tears just to name a few. I’ll just be sticking with Playstation 4 games since that’s the only console I own from the current generation (sorry Xbox and Nintendo).


That’s not all, however.  I’ll be discussing shows and movies that I’ve watched or currently watching. My favorite shows to watch are Doctor Who, Westworld, and Game of Thrones. My favorite genres are Science fiction, fantasy, action/adventure, and horror.


I guess my reason for choosing this topic, simply put, is that it’s stuff that I really enjoy and like to talk about with others. I’ve always been a bit of geek, but that’s something I’m very proud to be. I think this site will give me a chance to do something creative that I can share with people that have the same interests while also attracting newcomers.


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